April 1st, 2006

Conrunner Kevin

No Joke: De-Cluttering Weekend

Well, it is spring, and the level of clutter -- piled up books and papers, mostly -- had reached a level where both cherylmorgan and I could no longer stand it, so we are spending much of this weekend putting books and papers into boxes and throwing some things away. We'll take a lot of the boxes -- including my Fan GoH exhibit material, which has been sitting here in the living room since CascadiaCon -- up to the storage locker in Yuba City in a couple of weeks.

Among the things I turned up were original meeting notes for SFSFC board meetings and for Westercon Business Meetings (all since published in their final forms), as well as my meeting notices from the Interaction pre-con planning meeting last year. If I had much expectation of some future historian really wanting access to primary source documents, I'd keep more of this, but more than likely it's going to get recycled.

We're not done yet -- more work is planned for tomorrow when we'll tackle the computer area. California laws on disposal mean that I can't legally put into the dumpster an old defunct fax machine that we were lumbered with long ago and that has never worked. I wish I'd thrown it away back when it was legal to do so, because disposing of it legally now will be a pain in the neck.
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