April 5th, 2006

Manga Kevin

Extreme Moderation

In the space of a week, I have now been told that:

I'm too exclusive: I make Worldcon sound like a fusty, sercon, books-only conference where nobody is allowed in the door unless they can produce references and have attended conventions for years.

I'm too inclusive: I want to turn Worldcon into a clone of Dragon*Con or ComicCon International or some other multi-ring media-fan circus where no Right Thinking Fan would ever want to be seen.

Are you surprised that I'm frustrated when this happens?

Of these two extremes, if you had to put me into one of them, I'll take the latter. The truth is somewhere in the middle, of course, but moderates look like extremists to people who are at either extreme themselves.
Conrunner Kevin

Ups and Downs

I'm working from home today, which is good, except that one drawback of it is that I get even less exercise walking to the computer after breakfast than I do driving to the office, and my blood sugar suffers because of it. My overnight reading was 108 (which is good), but one hour after breakfast it soared to 172 (bad). I took a short walk around the complex, rain or now, and two hours after breakfast, it had fallen to 72 -- too low, nearly hypoglycemic! Rats! Roller-coaster readings are Bad. This is why I'm supposed to eat six (relatively small) meals a day.

I'd say that reading SMOFS list messages affects my blood sugar, but if there is anything the SMOFS list is not, it's sweet.
Conrunner Kevin

Sort of Close Call

The weather cleared up a bit today, so I was able to go out for a walk after lunch. On the way back, I heard sirens. This isn't unusual. There is a fire station a short distance from here, and I live on the corner of two main streets. Getting closer to home, I heard a car alarm wailing away. After a few minutes, I realized that it was not a car alarm, but a fire alarm.

It sounded like the fire alarm at my apartment complex. I know what that sounds like because we had a (apparently false) alarm a few months ago.

Now I started to get a little anxious. My computer is in the apartment, and so are all of the backups. So are my savings bonds, and the backup for the bonds is on the computer. Eeek!

Soon thereafter, the fire alarm stopped, and as I passed the complex just before mine, I saw the fire truck parked in their lot and no obvious signs of smoke or flame in the area. I guess our neighboring complex uses the same kind of alarms as we do.

I'm reminded of ConAdian in 1994, when the fire alarm went off one night. After the late evacuation, I stood in the rain chuckling. Someone asked why I was laughing.

I said, "It must be a false alarm. The Site Selection money and ballots are all locked up in the hotel's safe-deposit box, along with my passport and other critical papers. Otherwise, the hotel would burn to the ground." (We were let back in shortly thereafter. I heard later that the rain had caused an electrical short that set off a smoke alarm, but no real harm came of it. I suppose some of the people in the Place Louis Riel hadn't even gone to bed yet, that being one of the two "hospitality" [party; the hotels were allergic to that word so we had to use the euphemism] hotels.)

I think I really do need to buy a small fireproof box for the savings bonds and to hold backup disks.
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Conrunner Kevin

Signs that E-Banking Dominates my Finances

Although I keep my books in Quicken, I also still keep a paper check register as a backup and as a place to write down transactions (including the small number of checks I still write) when I'm away from my computer. Today I filled up register #25; that is, the twenty-fifth register on my main checking account, which I've had since my late teens. I went to the place where I keep the old registers and blank checks and registers to put in a new one. Except there are no blanks left. I write so few checks these days and do so much of my banking online that I've used up the registers -- and at one time I had two blanks in that box -- before I used up the blank checks.

Fortunately, a quick Google search found a place that sells replacement registers at $2.50 for three registers (I use up about one register every fifteen months or so) with free shipping (which can't really make much money for them on an order for just registers), so in a few days I'll be back in business.
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Conrunner Kevin

cherylmorgan Visits NESFA; Nobody Killed

Thanks to the transportation assistance of cogitationitis, Cheryl -- who was in Boston meeting with one of her clients in the job that isn't running Emerald City -- was thus able to pay a visit to the NESFA clubhouse. She called me after getting back to the hotel to say that all went well, although she was very tired from meetings all day. See her blog for more details.

I've not been to the NESFA clubhouse, but I've been to the LASFS clubhouse a couple of times. Actually, death will not release me, because I paid the $5 the first time I visited.
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