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Kevin Standlee: Fandom Is My Way of Life
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Friday, April 14th, 2006

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On The Road Again
While it seems like a whole lot of people I know are at Eastercon, Norwescon, Minicon, etc., I am not going to a convention this weekend, but instead will spend tomorrow with my grandfather, mother, and (if she's up to it) sister and nephew in Sutter.

Last night I moved a bunch of boxes that we've been accumulating and sorting for the past couple weeks into my van, completely filling the rear section behind the seats. We also ended up nearly completely filling one of the paper-recycling bins at the apartment complex. So the place is looking slightly less crowded, although now we have a bunch of empty boxes sitting around. I expect we'll end up sorting many of the things that are in piles into the boxes -- we had no boxes into which to put them earlier, and nowhere to put the boxes even if we did. Fingers crossed that we'll uncover enough carpet to get around to ordering the annual steam-cleaning of the carpet recommended by the property-management company.

Current Mood: cheerful
Yuba City
Somewhat to my surprise, we got away not too much later than I expected, and we hit only one bad spot of slow traffic (Benicia Bridge), so we got to Yuba City just before 5 PM. As it's supposed to rain tomorrow and it was not raining when we arrived, we decided to make a quick run to my storage locker and see if we could the boxes moved in tonight. As we drove out that way, we could see a very menacing looking cloud to the west; however, it appeared to be moving to the north-northeast. I said, "That's the kind of cloud you want to keep an eye on to make sure it doesn't put down a funnel cloud."

Dust, dirt, spiders, etc.Collapse )

Still, it was a good job getting the boxes into the locker this evening while it was not yet raining instead of tomorrow when it probably will be. The storm cell which we continued to watch passed just to the north of us, so we're lucky.

Wrestling with hotel internet serviceCollapse )

Just as we were approaching Yuba City, I realized that I'd forgotten to bring any of the three power supplies I have for this Dell with me. One normally lives at my office, and there are two in the apartment, not counting the docking station, but I'd not packed anything. I do have three full-size and one half-size battery, however, so I should have enough power for all I need it for this weekend. (Fortunately for me, there were no messages on my e-mail demanding urgent work-related things be done Today.)

So we're now sat here with me updating LJ and Cheryl taking care of stuff from her consulting job and updating the Emerald City blog, with the hard work of the weekend already done, and nothing left but to relax, read, and maybe go sit in the hot tub if the weather stays nice enough tonight. Not bad.

Current Mood: relaxed

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