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Kevin Standlee: Fandom Is My Way of Life
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Sunday, May 14th, 2006

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WHC Sunday
Note that I have been reading all of the comments people are leaving in my journals; I just have little more to add at this point, and I'm a little rushed.

Hotels, bidding, etc.Collapse ).

Then we set up in the lower lobby while the WHC board went into closed session. I found a power outlet (although with both batteries on board, my computer has about 5 1/2 hours' endurance even with the wireless card) and logged in to check mail and such now that we were once again in a place where the internet access was both free and reliable.

I don't expect we'll stay here very late today. We're both very tired -- our WHC more or less started one day early -- and need to get home and catch up on sleep before we're back to work tomorrow.

My impressions of WHC 2006, including my Fanboy momentsCollapse )

In the end, I got most of the things out of a convention that I come to a convention for, which have, I think, very little to do with the reasons the "$10 a day is the most I should reasonably expect to pay" crowd. Am I going to go to Toronto's WHC next year? Almost certainly not. Would I attend another WHC held within a day's drive of my home? I'd say it's likely.

Update, 12:20: Cheryl's impressions of the convention are on her blog. She was able to sit in the back of the room and keep typing, while I was up front taking handwritten notes for the benefit of the Winnipeg committee.
Home Again
After discussing the WHC bid situation with Mike Willmoth, Cheryl and I went next door to Starbucks and had a mocha and coffee cake, and I called Linda Ross-Mansfield (chair of the Winnipeg bid) to give her the headline briefing on the discussions here. (I will not go into details at this time.) I told her that I'd write up my notes and send them to her in a day or two. Then Cheryl and I made a last spin through the hotel and said goodbye to people and walked down to the Cathedral Hill Hotel to retrieve our bags from the concierge. Then the somewhat difficult part of hauling a very heavy bag (fortunately on wheels!) back up the hill to the California Street cable car terminal. We went that way because we intended to stop by the Ferry Building Marketplace and pick up something from the specialty butcher there for dinner tonight; unfortunately, they (but not any of the other stores in the Marketplace) were "closed for Mother's Day." Drat.

Oh, well, then it was down into BART and not too much later we were in San Bruno, where my van was patiently waiting for me. A quick stop by the Jamba Juice in Millbrae was indicated so that I would have enough energy to drive home. Another 30-40 minutes or so and we were at last home. It was a hot day today, and we turned on the air conditioning for the first time this year.

Nothing more ambitious than popping out briefly to get something for dinner (on account of our Marketplace plans being foiled) is indicated for the rest of the day. My body is telling me: "Sleep! Sleeeep!"

Current Mood: sleepy

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