May 30th, 2006

Kevin Talking

Wrap-Up Thoughts on BayCon

The BayCon Closing Ceremonies were scheduled immediately before the Feedback Session, and ChairPurple Kitty Crowe was initially confused and forgot that there was supposed to be a Closing Ceremonies before the Feedback Session. She asked for the audience's forgiveness, saying, "I may be a purpose person, but I'm a green chair."

The Closing Ceremony itself was fairly minimal, with Kitty introducing the guests of honor one last time, and those who were present (some had earlier flights and had already left). Larry Niven thanked the committee for their hospitality, saying, "This convention treats their guests like royalty. It's good to be the King."

Statistics: Total membership count was 2,567. There were 314 program items.

Kitty introduced her daughter – and next year's Chair – Sabre, and we segued into the Feedback Session. The following are the points I recorded, more or less in the order they were aired.

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After this very long feedback session, Michael Siladi auctioned off one more Charity Auction item: Stephen Furst's autographed name badge, which went for $35.

And then we were done, except for the move-out and the Dead Dog Party.

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I had a good time, and I think a lot of other attendees did as well. I'd say BayCon's only problem now is that it has no place to grow but has done such a good job that growth, if only through word of mouth, is almost inevitable.
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