June 1st, 2006

Kevin Talking

This Will Be No Surprise

I turned in the article I'd promised months ago. The editor was expecting not more than 2,000 words. I had a terrible time getting started on the article until tonight, which was actually the deadline. When I stopped, I had more than 4,100 words.

But I expect that anyone reading this journal already knows that I suffer from logorrhea.
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Bad News/Good News

The bad news was that when I got home from the airport yesterday evening, I found a UPS call slip for a delivery that was "signature required." (We get a lot of no-signature-required shipments, mostly books for Emerald City.) With Cheryl gone, that means I need to be here to sign for the package. The good news is that nobody seems to have objected to me working from home again today even though I worked from home yesterday. It does mean I'd better show some results!
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Conrunner Kevin

Naturally It's Quiet Now...

...but a few minutes ago, while I was trying to have a conference call with my fellow workers on a hot new project, that was when the condo complex landscapers decided to come through with their leaf blowers, sidewalk edgers, and other noisy equipment. I had to quickly rush to close the patio doors so I could hear the call and they could hear me. Oh, and in the middle of the call, just as I was trying to answer some technical questions, that's when UPS turned up with that signature-required parcel.
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