July 5th, 2006

Manga Kevin

Good Day to Travel

We were a little late getting out of our hotel room this morning, but the hotel didn't appear to get too upset with us; besides, part of the delay was the lack of bellmen. Unlike when we moved in, they wouldn't let us take carts without bellman. (As I've found before, this sort of thing is dependent upon the individuals at the desk.) I was able to reduce down to only one checked bag by giving Lisa more stuff to carry with her. (She'll be in the Bay Area tomorrow.) There was a bit of a panic when I looked in the closet and asked her, "Did you mean to leave these costumes hanging here?" and she said NO! rather emphatically and scrambled to pack them.

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Now I just have to unpack, have something to eat, and fall into bed. I can see by the e-mails that my co-workers are chomping at the bit for me to be back in the office to dig into the vast amount of analysis they wish was already finished.
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