July 19th, 2006


Still Swamped

I can't really go into details -- besides, if I did, I'd be here all night instead of driving home -- but this Big Project has kept me in the office until 10 PM again. Yes, I didn't arrive until about 9:30. (I had to stop and have blood drawn for my quarterly diabetes check-up next week.) However, I was working at home from just before 7 AM until maybe 8 AM or so before showering and heading to the office.

The only reason I even went to the office was because a critical piece of software that should have gone to the Virginia office instead shipped to my office in San Mateo. The vendor wouldn't ship another copy to Virginia, so I was supposed to take the software as soon as it arrive and put it up on a shared network drive so the Virgina folks could install it at their office. (This is okay legally; they'd be using the license code we bought for the product anyway.) Imagine my annoyance (and screams of anguish from Virginia) when UPS reported that the package missed a connection at Louisville KY and would lay over an extra day.

This means I have to come into the office again tomorrow instead of working from home. I do, however, have a 7 AM conference call to attend, after which I will head to the office to deal with errant software packages.
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Conrunner Kevin

Test Results

Somewhat to my surprise, the results from the blood drawn this morning came back this evening. Very efficient of them. They sent me e-mail and I was able to look at the results on their web site. To my surprise -- my blood sugar has been drifting upward of late -- my A1C (glycohemoglobin) level, which measures long-term blood sugar control, was down just slightly, to 5.3. The normal non-diabetic range is 4.8 to 6.0, so I continue to be in the non-diabetic range.

Unfortunately, the odd hours and distorted work schedule I'm keeping isn't helping me. I was very late getting lunch today, to the point where I was feeling dizzy (possibly hypoglycemic). However, I ate so much that my blood sugar shot clear up to 195, which is too high, and I simply couldn't go take a walk around the complex to burn it off the way I normally would in such cases. I will be so glad to get this project behind me so I can get back on my regular meal/exercise schedule.