July 30th, 2006

Conrunner Kevin

A Quiet Weekend, Thank Goodness

Saturday afternoon, I had to go get the mail out of my PO Box in Sunnyvale, so I continued on to Mountain View to attend a staff recruitment picnic for Gnomeward Bound/Westercon 60 I was still very tired from the effort I've put in over the past two weeks, and only intended to stay for a short time, but once I'd sat down, it was difficult to get back up again, and I must have been there nearly three hours before heading home.

Today, I did as little as possible. I watched the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Germany on tape -- I've been getting up early in the morning for work too much, thank you -- and almost immediately thereafter turned to watch the Champ Car Grand Prix of San Jose. I don't ordinarily follow Champ Car racing, but this was a home race, you might say, and I'd seen much of the preparation for it when I was downtown two weeks ago for ConStruction.

Even if you're not a San Jose resident, if you attended ConJose, the course would be familiar to you. The start-finish line and main straightaway were on Almaden Blvd, in front of the San Jose Hilton. Heading north (in the normally southbound lanes of Almaden) across the light rail tracks, the course runs up to the Hotel De Anza, where there is was a sharp (25 mph) hairpin to allow the cars to run back down the other side of Almaden, before turning hard left along the back of the Tech Museum of Innovation (where the Tapestry Arts Festival was happening during ConJose) toward the Fairmont. Turning right by the Tech, the course ran along the Plaza de Cesar Chavez, back across the light rail tracks, between the Sainte Claire and the Marriott (where the building site was during ConJose), then down to a hard right to the street that runs along the back side of the Convention Center, finally coming past the pit entrance and a hard right back onto Almaden Blvd and the main straight. The pits were located in the normally northbound lanes of Almaden Blvd, between the main straight and the Hilton Hotel.

Am I recovered from the Big Project? A little, but not completely. Unfortunately, e-mail I received this evening suggests that I will be no less busy this coming week.

Update, 7/31 15:30: Corrected a couple of typos, plus a spot where I flopped the north- and southbound lanes of Almaden Blvd. Incidentally, "North" and "South" are mostly notional, where "South" is "toward I-280" and "North" is "generally toward the Hotel De Anza."
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