August 6th, 2006

Conrunner Kevin

Quiet, but Active

I haven't posted anything here today, but that doesn't mean I've been inactive. I've been busily following the Best Artist Hugo discussions, and also some other discussions about Worldcons, both on the SMOFS e-mail list and on LJ and in private e-mail.

The Formula 1 Grand Prix of Hungary was this morning, coverage starting at 4:30 AM my time, so I set the VCR to record it. Later in the morning, I checked the VCR and discovered that I'd accidentally set it to July 6 so it had not recorded it. However, Speed Channel replayed it at 11 AM. I had to run to the store and get milk and some groceries, and missed the pre-race, but got home just in time to watch the cars roll off. It rained at the Hungaroring, which led to a very interesting and unpredictable race. It makes you wish that it would rain on all the races.

Then it was the Giants-Rockies baseball game. The Giants lost last night in extra innings, but played pretty well, with some great defensive plays. Today, they added offense, and managed to win a game. Here's hope that the Giants can get out of the tailspin they've been in lately.

I never did get out for a walk, what with answering all of this mail and LJ traffic. And things I was expecting to get done this weekend I have not done, like trying to write a script for my part of the L.A.con IV Opening Ceremonies, assuming I'm still part of it (I haven't heard anything lately) and making a Space Cadets sash small enough to fit on Kuma Bear, Lisa's stuffed bear who many of you have seen with her at conventions.

Then it was time to get ambitious and try to cook a vat of pea soup. As some of you may recall, I sliced my finger rather badly the last time I tried this. Tonight, I managed to accomplish this without doing any damage.
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Match Game SF

Match Game Schedule

I now know that our two games at L.A.con IV will be

Thursday 4 PM, ACC 211-B
Saturday, 10 PM, Hilton Santa Monica Room

(ACC=Anaheim Convention Center)

This allows me to make the promotional fliers to try and attract people to the shows. The daytime version is simply the same flyer I've used before. The "Late Night" flyer, however, I think needs to be a bit different, if for no other reason than to make it clear that it's not for kids.

If you're interested, have a look and tell me what you think of this version.

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Edit, 10:05 PM: Here's a version that separates the "Late Night" from the logo and puts an explicit "may not be suitable for for children" disclaimer.

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