August 8th, 2006

Manga Kevin

Best Artist Hugo - Revised

The makers of the proposed amendment to the Best Artist Hugo Award have revised their proposal, narrowing the scope to Professional Artist and clarifying that the standard of publication qualification should be the same as in the written fiction categories. Full text and comments on the L.A.con IV community, please. I've disabled comments here to reduce thread-splitting. (I'm already trying to follow this here, on the L.A.con BBS, the SMOFS list, and in private e-mail.)
Match Game SF


I'm an idiot. Why didn't I order "Lovely Parting Gift" ribbons to give to contestants on Match Game SF?

Update, 9 Aug 10:50 AM: sfrose has stepped into the breach and will help me put together a rush order of 100 ribbons. (I figure I'll end up using the rest eventually, since they keep asking me to run the game at other conventions.) Yay!