August 16th, 2006

WSFS Captain 1

Now, Why Didn't I Think of That a Year Ago?

Looking at how the various bits and pieces of L.A.con IV are arranged within the "Space Cadets" theme, it dawned on me today that I should have labeled the Business Meeting as the "Cadet Council" or something like that. And if we'd done that, I would have had a legitimate excuse to preside over the meeting in my WSFS uniform without being disruptive.

I'd considered wearing the uniform, which I'll have with me -- look for me at Opening Ceremonies and during Interaction's Thank-You Party on Friday night -- but was advised to stick to my regular suit for the Business Meeting, lest I imply that the meeting is about me, not about the society. And that makes sense, but if it had been something reinforcing the convention theme, that would have been different. Now it's too late, since we didn't lay the groundwork in the PRs or Pocket Program. Rats!
Hugo Trophy

Ironic, It Is

Programming a Worldcon is Very Hard. There are over 1000 program items in the L.A.con IV schedule. Conflicts will happen. The printed program will show Match Game Late Night on Thursday evening, although it's actually been moved to Saturday evening. But I do find it ironic that the item that almost immediately follows 904 The Hugo Award Ceremony (8 PM Saturday) in the pocket program is 906 Film Program: Prix Victor Hugo Awards Ceremony, the Hugo Award-nominated framing sequence to last year's Hugo Awards Ceremony, at 8:30 PM.

Now if they'd scheduled it for 7:30 PM, in the Arena, to be shown during load-in, that might just make some sort of sense.
Manga Kevin

Worldcon Prep Continues

I've posted the WSFS Business Schedule over on laconiv, for the benefit of those of you disoriented by the one-day-earlier-than-usual start to Worldcon.

Today at lunchtime, I went out and bought some foam-core on which I was to mount the poster I made acknowledging Interaction's WSFS Business Meeting catering grant.

Note to self: Never print a poster you intend to mount on foam-core before going to the store to find out what sizes of foam-core are available. I'd printed the poster 20 x 36 inches (the printer is a 36-inch roll), but the largest sheets of foam-core available were only 20 x 30. I had to re-do the poster so it only used the upper 30 inches of printable area. Fortunately, this wasn't terribly difficult, and I got the thing mounted without too much difficulty.

The foam-core sheets come in pairs, which means I now have an extra one. I'm thinking of either creating a 30 x 20 inch Match Game SF logo or even trying to come up with something for the game that would serve as the question holders for each round. I asked Lisa (who left Mehama late tonight and will arrive in the Bay Area Friday morning) to toss in a folding portable easel that is part of our convention gear just in case I manage to do this.

I managed to print up one sheet of for-use-at-con business cards, with the L.A.con IV and WSFS logos on them.

Tomorrow evening's jobs: finish up Match Game, do laundry, and finish packing. Since I leave on Friday afternoon, I don't have this weekend to get my prep finished. I have to be prepared and ready to go on Friday morning when I head to work!

Update, 8/17, 7:20: Fixed cross-reference and deleted post made to wrong journal.