August 21st, 2006

Kuma Bear

Missile Stop

I've managed to coax some photos out of the camera. Because they fit better chronologically, I've placed photos of our stop at the Pt. Mugu missile and airplane display off CA-1 in a previous entry.
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Kevin and Lisa

Bad Food and Plenty of It

After spending several hours cooling off, cleaning up, and in my case getting caught up on my e-mail, we decided we were hungry. It was after 9 O'Clock, and I feared we'd not be able to find anyplace open. I'm so used to so many places rolling up and closing by 9 PM. However, the businesses around Disneyland appear to be ready for that. There not only are a couple of IHOP Restaurants that are open 24 hours, but also a Denny's, which is of course always open.

We opted for Captain Kidd's, which has an all-you-can-eat buffet for $10 (drinks not included). The review I just linked to there is almost exactly our experience. A bunch of overcooked food presented badly, but it's cheap. Lisa had some of the seafood stew and said it was okay. I went back to get some, and came back with something else. She said, "No, no, that's Glop #5! I had Glop #7!" By the end of the meal, we were talking about everything on the buffet table as "Glop."

Oh, it's cheap, and it's fast, and it will fill you up. But I won't recommend it as a fine dining experience.

Incidentally, I remember an Indian restaurant that was near the Hilton-Marriott at L.A.con III but was razed some time later to build another hotel. I think it's possible that the same restaurant, or at least one with the same signs and offers (including "American Breakfast every morning") is locate down at the corner of Harbor and Katella, which is around out the back of the Hilton. (Exit the Hilton's front door, turn left, walk down to corner, turn left, walk to traffic light; it's on the opposite corner next to a strip mall of other small restaurants.) They have "buffet lunch every day" in the window, and so I bet I end up eating there at least once during Worldcon.
Wig Wag

Orange Empire Railway Museum

We took a lot of photos at the Orange Empire Railway Museum, and it took a while for us to sift out the reasonably good ones. The OERM has a good-sized collection, spread over a large site. Not all buildings were open when we were there, but we went into all the open buildings.

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Dehydrated by the hot conditions, we called it a day after about four hours at Perris and headed for Anaheim, after joining Pat and Julie (who had come out to the Museum as well, arriving while we puttered around the field for a late lunch in Perris. Our interest in trains is sated for a while, I guess.
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Conrunner Kevin

Going Park-Hopping

We're off to the Disney Complex for the first of two days of theme park attendance. At least theoretically, today is our Disneyland day, while tomorrow is for California Adventure, partially because the latter closes earlier and we have a function we want to attend tomorrow evening back at the hotel.
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