August 30th, 2006

Pensive Kevin

Recovering from Worldcon

I was allowed to work from home today, and fortunately all I needed to do was review some specifications for a new job on the horizon for which the serious discussions won't start until tomorrow at least.

I've posted (plus the following entries here, here, and here) on laconiv the text of the constitutional amendments and formal resolutions that passed this year's WSFS business meeting.
Hugo Trophy

Hugo Award Foolishness

There is someone out there spewing a bunch of disinformation about the Hugo Awards. I don't mind him complaining that the results don't reflect his personal tastes. I do mind him implying that the results are widely known among the "SMOFers" in advance.

Go have a look. I decided to reply in pieces rather than all at once. I've challenged him to go out and bid for a Worldcon that does the Hugo Awards "right" -- there's no legal reason a Worldcon couldn't do at-the-door Hugo voting -- or to propose changes to the WSFS Constitution to force Worldcons to do so. I'm almost amused that he really thinks it's non-trivial to have at-ceremony voting like a game show. His faith in technology would be touching if it wasn't so foolish.