September 3rd, 2006

Pensive Kevin

Mystery Delete

In what has become the most-replied-to message on my LJ to date, I have a mystery. A pair of comments, one of which I think was mine, have been deleted. The two deleted posts appear to be here -- not their text, of course, just the (deleted post) flag. I didn't delete them, and the person who made one of them claims he didn't delete them, either. So what could have caused them to vanish like that?
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Conrunner Kevin

Best Fanzine Hugo Award Presentation

I've finally had time to start working through the pictures and video I shot during the last three days of L.A.con IV, and among these are the presentation of the Best Fanzine Hugo Award. I apologize for the quality. It's being shot with a handheld camera mainly intended for still photos, and it's being taken from so far back that the slightest twitch wobbles the shot. Moreover, I haven't figured out all of the controls on this thing yet, and don't even know if there is a manual focus on it. The auto-focus persists in trying to lock on to people in the foreground -- that is, the audience -- and therefore the thing goes in and out of focus.