September 9th, 2006

Kevin Talking

Home Electronics

We have a combined home stereo/CD/DVD system that has served us well for many year. Today, when I turned it on, it made loud noises, flashed "F61" on the display, and shut itself off. Consulting the manual -- which I've managed to not lose -- I first checked the speaker cables, which all seemed sound, then checked the power cable, and tried again, with the same results. The manual suggests that the power supply is shot.

This unit is more than one year old and therefore no longer under warranty. I'll have to investigate, but I bet it would end up costing more to repair it than to buy a new system. OTOH, the nearest authorized service center is in South San Francisco, so it's possible I might be able to have something done without having to ship it back and forth. I'll have to see on Monday.

It does mean that tomorrow's coverage of the F1 race will lack the power of turning the subwoofer up to maximum.
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