September 14th, 2006

Conrunner Kevin

Cashing in Their Chips

While doing some errands yesterday morning before heading into the office, I noticed that the fish & chips shop located near my apartment has closed. (Those SFSFC directors reading this may remember it as the place some of us went after one Board meeting at the Centerville station.) I'm not too surprised -- their location had some serious flaws such as no parking at all -- but still, I'm sorry to have one of my food choices within walking distance reduced.
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Giving You the (WSFS) Business

Back in that long and contentious discussion of the Hugo Awards, George R.R. Martin said a couple of things that I found interesting, but didn't comment on a whole lot at the time. I can't link to the specific comment because that blog doesn't have links to individual comments, but it's time-stamped 1:16 AM.

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Would the WSFS Business Meeting ever vote to go to change its procedures in the ways proposed above? I doubt it, which is one reason I don't go to the effort of bringing it up as a formal proposal. The BM has so little authority already that it seems unlikely to me that they would vote away another piece of it by giving up their right of ratification.