September 22nd, 2006

Kreegah Bundalo


I was up until 2 AM working on the Australia Project, although admittedly I didn't start work until just before Noon and I did take time "mid-day" to go to that BayRail Alliance meeting. However, I had to be up relatively early (to my time-shifted body) to take my van to get a brake job done. Just after 9 AM, the shop called to ask if I was actually coming in today. This turns out to be good because while I'd set the alarm for 9:30, I'd forgotten to actually turn it on! So I got dressed and drove the van over to the shop and walked home (it's maybe 3 km, which is no big deal to me these days). Then I got a work-related call about something else. What I need right now is a bit more sleep.
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Hugo Trophy

Better Known Than We Thought?

The intriguing thing about this story in the Los Angeles Times is not the story itself, but the headline. That headline is sort of meaningless unless you already know what a Hugo Award is -- otherwise, the play on words is lost. So whoever the editorial writer for the L.A. Times is, he must be enough of a science fiction fan to know what the Hugo Award is.

I find this vaguely encouraging, as a member of the committee charged with enhancing the profile of our field's highest honor. We sometimes berate ourselves, figuring that the Hugo is unknown and trivial outside of a relatively small number of people in a limited field. But we may have Friends in High Places that we didn't even know about.

My thanks to Mike Glyer for pointing this headline out to the SMOFS e-mail list.
Conrunner Kevin

Van Repair: Minimal Damage (to my Wallet)

It's not every day you take your vehicle to a mechanic and he charges you less than you expected. After examining my van's squeaking brakes, he gave me a call and told me that the brake pads still had lots of time left on them, but that some shims on the front pads had come loose. He dealt with the loose bits, cleaned and adjusted everything, and put it all back together. Including the can of cleaning solution and an hour of his time, I think I'm pretty fortunate to be out only $84.

Mind you, that's one reason I keep coming back to that particular mechanic. Yes, since he replaced the engine, I've given him thousands of dollars over the years (although a great deal of that simply passed through to the engine supplier). But he's never been one for trying to sell me services I don't need. He (rightly IMO) assumes that it's better to have long-term goodwill and repeat business for things that really need work than to try and rip you off a single time since you'll never come back. That may explain why he's got so much work piled up that I had to make an appointment over a week in advance.
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