September 25th, 2006

Conrunner Kevin

What a Grind

It's a good thing that I put my dentist appointment into my Outlook scheduler, because otherwise I would have missed it, as I somehow had got it into my head that the appointment was tomorrow. Instead, I dutifully drove over to my old office in Redwood Shores and walked to my dentist's office (for the exercise). He ground out the old worn filling and the slight crack in the tooth (which fortunately was not deep) and refilled it. No chewing on the left side of my mouth for 24 hours, he said, so to make things easier on myself, I didn't have my usual dinner at the Hick'ry Pit during the BASFA meeting, restricting myself to soft foods like soup and pie.

I also delivered the partial case of root beer donated by pmcmurray to the BASFA Party Committee for consumption at BASFA's parties on Friday and Saturday night of SiliCon.

Although I'm still working on the Australia Project, tomorrow I have a 9 AM conference call for a different project. Fortunately I can take that one from home.
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Giants Fanatic

We Still Have the Dodgers

Tonight, the San Francisco Giants continued their season-ending tailspin and were mathematically eliminated from post-season play. There is still a little bit to play for, though, as it does appear that the Dodgers will come to town for the final series of the regular season with a chance to make the wild card, and the Giants will have another opportunity to eliminate the Dodgers from the post-season. I saw tickets to Sunday's final game of the season for as little as $33. I'm contemplating buying one.
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