September 27th, 2006

Giants Fanatic

He Who Hesitates...

By the time I made up my mind to actually buy a ticket to Sunday's season-ending Giants-Dodgers baseball game, the cheapest tickets were at $55 for a View Reserved seat and $44 for Bleachers. That's more than I am willing to pay -- I was willing to pay $35 for a View Box seat, but it was gone when I returned to try and buy it. So I guess I'll pass after all. Now, doubtless, the ticket on which I passed will be the one that wins the grand prize (a Toyota FJ Cruiser) on Fan Appreciation Day.
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Conrunner Kevin

Thanks to Kevin of the Phone Force...

Heading to the office just before 1 PM today, I encountered minor slow traffic on northbound I-880 at Tennyson Avenue. A minor fender-bender happened about five cars ahead of me, but both cars made it to the shoulder easily. I have KCBS radio on voice-activated speed-dial, so I called it in. In the 1:08 PM traffic update, it was the lead item ("In Hayward, northbound 880 at Tennyson, a two-car accident on the shoulder. Traffic is slow past the scene up to Highway 92"), and I got my credit, too. Glad I remembered to put my headset on.
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