September 29th, 2006

Pensive Kevin

Pop, Fizz, Crackle

The sound system began popping, fizzing, and reporting the dreaded F61 error and shutting itself off again this morning. Blasted intermittent error! It will probably clear itself again if I disconnect and reconnect the six pairs of speaker wires, but I don't want to have to keep doing this every few weeks. The cables are not exactly located in a convenient spot -- you have to remove the cable box and VCR and then pull the unit out far enough to get at all of those wires.
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Kevin Talking

Watch It While You Still Can

Quick, go watch this before the current administration decides that it's "giving aid and comfort to the enemy," forces its removal, and interns Keith Olbermann as a "threat to national security."

Keith Olbermann channels Edward R. Murrow

My thanks to PeterDavid.Net for posting the link.

Addendum, 15:10: Cheryl passed along to me this item about what waterboarding looks like, as it was one of the things Olbermann mentioned.
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