October 10th, 2006

Conrunner Kevin

Fixing the Entertainment System

While driving down to SiliCon on Friday afternoon, I got a call from the repair center to which I took the DVD/Sound system last week. The diagnosis: the amplifier is shot and needs to be replaced. (This would be consistent with the F61 error code, all right.) After credit for the $50 spent already, it will cost another $200 (about half of which is the cost of the replacement part while the rest is labor and tax). The woman at the repair center started to go on about how it would take several days to get the parts and that I shouldn't expect it back for a few days when I interrupted her: "I'm leaving for Oregon on Wednesday afternoon and won't be back until October 23rd. Will that be long enough?" She sounded relieved and said that would be okay.
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Manga Kevin

Chris for TAFF

The 2007 Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund Ballot is now available. Ballots must reach the administrators (one is in Seattle, the other in the UK) by Midnight, PST, Saturday 6 January 2007. This is 8 AM, GMT, Sunday 7 January 2007. The candidates are Chris Garcia and Mary Kay Kare.

Chris announced earlier today that he has published the latest issue of PrintZine, his campaign 'zine. This also includes the ballot as the last two pages of the 'zine, which some may find easier to print than the TAFF web page.
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