October 22nd, 2006

Formula 1

End of the Road

The Brazilian Grand Prix capped off this year's Formula 1 racing season, and was at a time when I could see it live at what would ordinarily be a decent hour -- 9:30 AM Pacific Time. This is still fairly early for me on my time-shifted schedule, but I need to start transitioning back to normal hours anyway, so I got up "early" and went over to my father-in-law's house. (There's no broadcast/cable/satellite TV at Lisa's place, only monitors and a lot of videotape.) Today's race was also the final race of the legendary Michael Schumacher's career.

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So another F1 season comes to an end, and I won't have to pay attention to race schedules and VCR recordings at odd hours of the night for another year.

Meanwhile, it's back to work for me here, on this extended day of my Oregon trip. Besides being on call support for the Australians, it's a fine day here in Mehama, so we will need to get some work done here, such as burning a pile of wood debris that's been sitting here needing disposal. We hope to do a better job of it than the neighbors, who seem to be excellent at creating smoulders, but not so good at burning.
Conrunner Kevin

Feeling the Heat

This afternoon, after confirming that it was an allowed burn day, Lisa and I tackled burning the medium-sized pile of brush and wood debris she's been accumulating. We first had to get out the hose and make sure the water pump on that part of the property was working, of course, because it's madness to start a fire without something with which to put it out. It was a nice sunny day and there hasn't been a lot of rain, so the pile caught quickly. I stood by with a metal rake and periodically poked at the fire to maintain a good draft. Ideally, you want it burning so hot that there is not much smoke. One of the neighbors here doesn't seem to understand this. He's been burning stuff all weekend, and all he's managed to produce is large clouds of smoke that won't disperse. Also, the burn rules say you're supposed to have the fire out by 4:30, presumably because in the evening the inversion comes in and traps smoke.

We didn't quite manage 4:30, but shortly after 5 PM the remains had reached the point where we decided we could call it a day. I spread the ashes out as finely as I could and Lisa set the sprinkler on them. We left the sprinkler running for an hour or so, then came out, stirred the ashes several times, and drowned them thoroughly. (I didn't spend a fair number of years living on US Forest Service bases for nothing.) What started the day as a pile of wood and brush is now a small pile of goopy black ashes.

When we went inside and I went to wash up, I discovered that I must have been getting too close to the fire, as the area above my glasses and below the rim of my hat is all red, like a sunburn. Darn annoying, that.

Unfortunately, the neighbor's burn continues, so the whole town is blanketed with his smoke. It's so bad that I started coughing just walking the 300 m across the property, and it makes going out for a walk after dinner a very unpleasant proposition.
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Conrunner Kevin

kproche Sends Egoboo

"Evil Kevin" has said nice things about me. It always is nice to know when you've done good things. Given how many people end up with a bad taste in their mouths over experiences with meetings run under formal parliamentary procedure, I'm particularly pleased hear that things worked out for them.
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Strange Dreams

kproche's compliment reminded me of a bad dream I had several nights ago. I was at a Worldcon on what must have been the fourth afternoon. I guess I must have been Chairman of the Business Meeting. Someone came up to me and asked where I'd been at the meeting that morning. In horror, I realized that I'd forgotten to go to the meeting! I was dealing with the shame of having failed in my commitment to the convention and the other members and wondering how I'd ever live it down when Lisa woke me up.

There are few dreams I was so relieved to realize were only dreams.

I guess it's possible this is an echo of my unhappiness over how the Second Main Meeting went at L.A.con IV and how I wish that the members had been better behaved and that I had handled the situation better than I did.
Manga Kevin

Grumpy Old Fen

bovil has written about issue 16 of John Purcell's In A Prior Lifetime #16. In it, Ted White has an article about the fan Hugo Awards and complains generally about Worldcons. I've sent a LOC responding to this article, although I did not include my usual observation about people who gripe about the Hugo Awards, which is that IMO most people dissatisfied with the Hugos do so because the Awards don't reflect their personal preferences for who should be winning them.

Edit, 23 Oct 22:30: Added subject line omitted when originally composed.
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