October 23rd, 2006

Kevin and Lisa

Hastily from PDX

No real time to go into details, as I have to finish eating and get to my flight that boards in ten minutes. Things were much more hectic than I wanted today. We got most things done, but there will be more trouble down the road, and I hope Lisa makes it home with her vehicle in one piece. At least her Vanagon is in the shop, and the owner -- who does indeed appear to be a Vanagon enthusiast -- looked troubled when we told him we were there on Friday at 4:45 to find it closed, locked, and lights-out.
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Kevin and Lisa

Vehicle Follies

Today we were up around four hours early (relative to when we've normally been getting up) so we could drive up to Portland early, collect Lisa's VW from where she'd left it at her friends' place, take it to the mechanic, and then take me to the airport. We even had an idea that we might get me on an earlier flight, and she could then take the Big Orange Ford Van to Big O Tires, where she would have the van's tires rotated.

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The flight back to Oakland was routine, thank goodness. Everything was on time, and I got the shuttle from OAK to the BART/Amtrak station just under ten minutes before the scheduled arrival of my Capitol train that would get me home. Unfortunately, a brush fire along the tracks between Martinez and Richmond caused an hour delay on the westbound train. The train ride itself was short and uneventful, but got me home later than I expected.

It was a very stressful day. I still don't actually know if Lisa got home safely, because she leaves her phone turned off most of the time, but I also know that even if the spare failed, she has AAA Plus coverage that will get her home, so I assume she made it -- I'll presumably find out tomorrow when she calls me. Unfortunately, with the Vanagon in the shop, her little Toyota pickup not running, and the Big Orange Van now suspended, she's stuck until further developments, which doesn't make her at all happy. It's not like Mehama has much in the way of public transit.

Update, 24 Oct 15:00: Added photo of the van, courtesy of polyhead.
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