November 11th, 2006

Conrunner Kevin

If Only They'd Put Off the TAFF Decision For a Week

Per this message, and another message I can't quote because it is friends-locked, the UK SMOF community appears to have managed to organize a "replacement" 2007 Eastercon, to be named "Contemplation", with more details (like a site!) to be announced soon. This organization appears to have been officially "blessed" by Convoy, the previously-selected committee, who have effectively handed over the Eastercon franchise to Contemplation. From my remote perch out here in California, this sounds like it deals with the "legitimacy" issues, at least as long as nobody rises up as a rival claimant to the franchise, I suppose.

Perhaps I'm wrong, but it seems to me that the TAFF race could have been to send someone to this "replacement" Eastercon just as much as the originally-scheduled one, even if Contemplation turns out to be very relaxed. Still, I've only been a TAFF voter, not an administrator or candidate, and am almost certainly not completely in touch with all of the fannish undercurrents involved. And both administrators are well-respected fans not known for half-cocked decisions.

Chris for TAFF anyway, next chance he gets!
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Meeting Day

Looks like it was a day for corporate board and committee meetings. Today's SFSFC board of directors discussed a bunch of stuff, and even took a few actions, which I'll discuss further once I've written the minutes so I'm sure I have the recorded decisions right. Meanwhile, I've updated the SFSFC web site with the approved minutes from the July 2006 meeting and updated the meeting schedule for 2007's meetings. We picked dates for the March and November meetings, but the July meeting date depends on plans for the next ConStruction conrunning conference, since for the past two years we have coordinated our board meetings with ConStruction.

If you're interested in attending these meetings, note the scheduled dates now. We do try to schedule these things up to a year in advance so we're not springing them on people without warning. After all, several SFSFC directors live out of the area -- two of them on the East Coast -- and have to make travel plans well in advance to attend these meetings.
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