November 17th, 2006


Too Busy For Fandom Today

I had meant to write about ConVersation (the San Jose CVB's outreach to Bay Area conrunners I mentioned yesterday) today, but domestic concerns have interfered. I got my flu shot at work today, and was able to get home early, which is good because we had furniture delivery and other home work to do. And the repair guy came by to replace the power supply in cherylmorgan's computer. Oh, and the condo complex's plumbers came by and shut off the hot water for a while on short notice, although we hardly would have noticed that.

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This weekend, we get to disassemble the office, haul all of the computers and other equipment out of the room, and then build two new desks in the office and put the network and computers back together again. We also have a chest of drawers to assemble and and old one with a broken drawer that needs disposing. We can't give it to SVDP -- they won't take furniture. The broken drawer is actually just a broken runner that someone sufficiently motivated could repair. I'll give it to anyone willing to haul it away, but I don't think it would fit in the back of my van unless I remove all but the front seats.

If I had a power saw, I'd be tempted to saw the thing up into scrap wood so I could put it in the trash.

dinogrl, I haven't forgotten that you'd like the surplus shelves for your school. Let me know how we can get them to where you want them. We'll probably have them clear of the office muck sometime on Sunday.