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Kevin Standlee: Fandom Is My Way of Life
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Tuesday, November 28th, 2006

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More Menaces to Fandom™
cherylmorgan has interesting ideas about fixing issues with TAFF, Eastercon, and Further Confusion all at once.

Note in particular the comments to Cheryl's blog entry, where we find that mentioning "furry fandom" produces a blank stare in some parts.

Current Mood: amused
L.A.con IV Photos
There is a vast (and as yet mostly uncataloged) dump of L.A.con IV Photos now up on the L.A.con IV web site.

Among the many photos, I've found one of Me, Lisa, and Kuma Bear, with Kuma riding in his custom-built Bear-o-Metric Chamber.

Current Mood: amused
Probability & Statistics Seminar at SMOFCon
It looks like -- should there be sufficient demand -- that I'll be organizing another Texas Hold-Em Tournament at SMOFCon this coming weekend in Kansas City. I've defined "sufficient demand" as at least ten people signing up for $10 buy-in (1000 chips), top four positions cashing (60/25/10/5, rounded up, with fourth place being odd-player-out in the rounding if necessary). Ideally we'd get at least 20 players; we had 18 last year.

Unfortunately, I seem to have lost the nice little Texas Hold-Em Tournament Clock software I was given last year, and can't find it on any of my systems. This is irritating, because it means I'll have to keep track of the blind progression manually.

I figured we'd start with the blinds small for the first three 20-minute rounds, then increase the ramping so we can aim to be finished within three hours. That produces this blind progression:

Minutes/Small/Big Blinds
0 10/20
20 20/40
40 40/80
60 60/120
80 100/200
100 200/400
120 500/1000
140 1000/2000
160 2000/4000
180 3000/6000
200 4000/8000
220 5000/10000

With this progression, you pretty much force people all-in after a while, but that's intentional. We don't want to be there all night.

Last year, the heads-up round was somewhat extended by the rather unlikely event of thirteen consecutive all-in survivals.

Current Mood: thoughtful
Heroes: Long or Short Form Hugo?
Over on hugo_recommend, I have posted a message about the Heroes TV series and whether it should be considered as individual episodes (short form) or as one long serialized story (long form), and the ramifications for the Hugo Awards process either way. I haven't actually watched the show myself, but from the arguments posted on SMOFS, this seems to be much more like a single serialized work rather than ordinary episodic television -- even "story arc" series like Babylon 5.

Comments over there, please.

Current Mood: thoughtful
Reimbursement Day
Collecting the accumulated mail from my PO Box, I found four convention membership/expense reimbursement checks. representing membership and expense reimbursements from both L.A.con IV and Conzilla, including paying for my airfare to attend a Worldcon pre-con planning meeting. I never banked on getting any of this, but it's always nice when the conventions are able to issue such reimbursements.

Thank you to both conventions for the reimbursements. They aren't "make or break" for me the way they appear to be for some other folks, but I'm certainly happy to have the money, particularly at this time of the year.

Current Mood: pleased

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