December 7th, 2006

Conrunner Kevin

Keeping Busy

I'm feeling much better today, so whatever was troubling me yesterday must not have been serious.

We wrapped presents last night. I'm not going to say what they are because some of the recipients read this LJ. (Hi, Mom!) It's not that we're especially organized, but rather that we had to get it done now because we are going up to Yuba City and Oroville this weekend to give my father the old chest of drawers and to put boxes of stuff into my storage locker, so this was the logical time to deliver presents. (We won't be up there again before Christmas.)

Further on the domestic front: besides the stopped-up toilet, the dryer has not been doing a good job of drying. I discussed both of these things with the property-management company this morning. They say that if the toilet clogs up again, let them know and they'll look into replacing it using their preferred contractor, not the plumbers that serve the common piping in the condo complex. Regarding the dryer, they think the dryer vent needs cleaning -- likely, given that we haven't had it cleaned since we moved in and we do not know when it was previously cleaned. This is not something we can do, so a vent-cleaning company will come by tomorrow morning and wrestle the dryer out of its cubicle and work on things. (This will be billed to the management company, so we won't be out of pocket.) I'm pleased because I wouldn't be surprised if having to run the dryer three or four cycles hasn't been impacting our electric bill, which normally goes down in the winter -- we never have to heat this place -- but has not done so this year.

We try to be good tenants, dealing with minor things ourselves, paying for steam-cleaning of the carpets once a year, etc. In return, the property-management company has been pretty good about dealing with bigger things that are outside of our responsibility. That's one reason I don't want to move, although I wish I was closer to my office. Still, they let me work from home at least one day a week, which helps a lot.
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