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Kevin Standlee: Fandom Is My Way of Life
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Monday, December 25th, 2006

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Christmas Presents
It is our normal routine on cold mornings here for one of us to get up and turn on the furnace, then get back in bed until it gets warm enough to get moving around. Lisa did that this morning, but it didn't seem to get any warmer. She investigated: out of propane. Whoops. But we do have a reserve bottle, so that was easily fixed. We'll get more propane later this week.

After a rather leisurely breakfast, it was time to open presents. Lisa handed me a package, saying it was for me from Kuma Bear (pictured in the icon). I opened it: socks. She then asked me to open a package that was her present to Kuma, since he can't open packages easily. I opened it: socks.

Lisa then opened the package I ordered shipped to her a few weeks ago: no socks this time, but four sets of Midsomer Murders VHS tapes. She and I both like those British mysteries, but she's never seen that series before.

This evening, Lisa sent me over to her father's house to keep me out from underfoot while she worked on some things -- the trailer is really small -- with instructions to bring the camera back with me so she could take pictures of her little tree and such. If they turn out, I'll post them later.

I get tomorrow as a holiday, but we have errands that have to be run in Portland, so my lazy long weekend will be at an end.

Current Mood: relaxed

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