January 9th, 2007

Pensive Kevin

Ring Rot

I have developed an itchy rash underneath my wedding ring. I'm subject to such things, regardless of the substance from which the ring is made. (My ring is titanium, but other rings have caused the same problem in the past.) All I can do is apply ointment, try to keep the area dry, and probably take my ring off for a few days to avoid irritating the skin further.
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Manga Kevin

Further Confusion: Whoops

Despite all of the talk about it at last night's BASFA meeting, it was not until sometime today that it finally clicked with me that Further Confusion is January 18-21. For some reason, my mind had it on the following weekend.

I'm going to Oregon on the afternoon of January 19, coming back Sunday night; it's Lisa's birthday weekend. (The date itself is actually earlier that same week.)

Obviously, I won't be able to come and help out at anything happening at FurCon. Fortunately, I had made no firm commitments to anyway, but I do apologize if any of you reading this were expecting me to be there anyway.

I guess it's fortunate I never got around to buying a membership in the convention.

Sorry I'm so scatterbrained about this.
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Pointless Arrow

Finally, A Sign!

This evening, we walked down to the Fremont/Centerville train station, as is our usual practice. As we made a loop through the station platforms, I spotted something new. Excitedly, I pointed, and said to Cheryl, "Look! A sign!"

Two signs, in fact. After many years, someone or some agency has finally posted permanent metal signs on the two platforms at Centerville that say:




...in large, bold, block letters. Not paper signs that get washed away or other half measures.

This should help somewhat in reducing the number of people going to the wrong platform for their trains. Now, however, we have to rely on the dispatchers routing trains to the tracks for which they're scheduled, because there is no way to communicate last-minute changes to the passengers at the station. The electronic signboards are only good for system-wide notices and automated ETA information for trains.
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