January 15th, 2007

Hugo Trophy

Don't Touch That Ballot...

...before you read pnh's post about the 2007 Hugo Awards Nominating Ballot. There are going to need to be some corrections. On the bright side, with the majority of the ballots these days being cast electronically, it will be easier to correct the on-line ballots if they move quickly.

One other issue that I noticed (and contacted their Hugo Administrators about a few days ago) is that they neglected to include the extended-eligibility information in the "Eligibility" section. The 2006 Business Meeting passed a resolution (authorized by the Constitution) extending the eligibility of works first published outside the US that were first published in the USA in 2006. Thus (for example), a novel published in Australia in 2005 but then published in the USA in 2006 is eligible for the 2007 Hugo Awards. (Works that received nominations on their first round of eligibility do not get a second chance at a Hugo, however.)

Update, 23:00: My concern about the extended-eligibility issue was apparently addressed and it's part of the online ballot now, but I didn't see it (possibly I needed to hit reload a few times on my browser to see it), and the e-mail from the Hugo Administrator telling me she'd taken care of it never made it to my in-box. (No aspersions to cast; sometimes mail gets caught in the spam trap or otherwise doesn't arrive.)