January 16th, 2007

Conrunner Kevin

If It's True, The Carbon Argument May Be Moot

Cheryl sent me this one:

China Claims Fusion Breakthrough

Now wouldn't that be something if we really did get reliable, cheap energy like that? I think it would be a major-league world-changing event.

And hey, I might even withdraw my objections to maglev, although I still think that conventional electrification gets you most of what you'd want from high speed rail anyway.
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Conrunner Kevin

Kevin of the Phone Force Strikes Again, Unfortunately

Just before leaving my office this evening, I checked traffic reports and found that it was wall-to-wall and <25 MPH nearly all the way down the stretch of US-101 over which I was going to drive due to a couple of accidents. So I decided to go have dinner at a Mexican restaurant in Belmont that I like and take my time about it to let the traffic clear out. An hour or so later, I headed home.

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So while I wasn't involved personally in the accident, I was stuck in the back up, and was able to provide eye-witness news for KCBS traffic again. I hope some people heard the report and went the long way around or took the San Mateo Bridge instead. I was only delayed maybe 20-30 minutes, I guess.

Edit, 23:05: Corrected at which end of the bridge the accident happened.
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