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Kevin Standlee: Fandom Is My Way of Life
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Monday, January 22nd, 2007

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Minor Minivan Issues
My auto repairs seem so much less dramatic than those of Lisa or anyone else I know reporting car problems. But my minivan does seem to sense whenever I get a raise, because it starts to develop needs for auto repair.

On Friday morning, I took my van to Fremont Wheel & Brake for a wheel alignment. The owner there knows my van well, having replaced its engine some years ago. I take as much business to him as possible. I asked him to see if he could track down the small oil and coolant leaks I've been having.

On Saturday he called me while I was in Salem and told me that he thinks the coolant is coming from the water pump (which would thus need replacing) and the oil seems to be leaking from the oil pan plug, even though that has been replaced before. (This may mean the hole needs re-tapping, or, more seriously, the whole oil pan has to be replaced.

The leaks are minor but irritating, using about a quart of fluid per 3000-mile oil-change cycle. He asked me when was the last time I had the oil changed. "Last Monday," I said.

He suggested I put off work on these two things until the next oil change on account of he'll obviously have to drain the oil in order to change the parts. I will probably do it in late February, then, on account of I'm currently planning to drive to Oregon on March 2-3, work from up there that week, and return March 10-11, and I'd rather have the leaky bits working before taking a long trip.

Oh, and the van did need the front-end alignment, but it was a relatively minor job costing only $65. The owner there is very good and never tries to sell me services and repairs I don't need. Accordingly, he gets almost all of my auto repair business.

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Range Voting Redux
Y'all might want to go have another look at the discussion on Range Voting from a few weeks ago. Advocates have (somewhat belatedly by LJ standards) chimed in on the subject here and here.

Update, 23 Jan 2007, 00:30: And now many other places. Whew!

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