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Kevin Standlee: Fandom Is My Way of Life
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Friday, January 26th, 2007

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Spaceport Sweden?
Well, I know we've heard some talk about Scandinavia being a likely target for the Next European Worldcon. Maybe this would be an attraction:

Lift-off for Sweden's space tourism

Thanks to Cheryl for passing this one on to me.

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Mumble, Grumble, USAir
USAir announced recently that they (like United, and I presume other carriers) were adopting a policy of expiring frequent-flyer miles if your account has no activity in the past 18 months. Now I have points on Alaska, United, Northwest, and USAir (ex-America West). The other three are okay, because I either fly them regularly (Alaska) or have things that generate mileage activity, even if only a little bit (Safeway generates United miles; MCI long distance generates Northwest miles). But I have nothing on USAir, and they've sent me a warning e-mail that the approximately 30K miles I have there are going to vanish if I don't use them or do something to keep the account active.

Nattering on about using the milesCollapse )

I guess I'll use the miles to book the ticket, even though it costs me an extra day of time off and a hotel night. But it's still a free flight that would otherwise go to waste and I will have the time off available, even after soaking up over a year's accumulation to go to Japan. And aside from having to be up insanely early for the outbound leg (leaving the house at 4 AM), it does mean I'll not be rushed for time at SMOFCon either arriving or leaving.

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