February 2nd, 2007

Kreegah Bundalo

Bad News and Good News

The bad news when I got to the airport at about 6:30 AM was that my connecting flight from DFW to OAK had been canceled and that the system accordingly had rescheduled me to leave ORD around 5 PM today. I bailed out of the check-in kiosk to go talk to an agent. I asked if there were any direct flights to SFO available, and explained that I could take BART from SFO to Oakland and retrieve my car from there.

She looked, and not only was there a flight, it left fifteen minutes earlier than my original 7:55 AM flight to DFW, and had masses of space available on it. She gave me an exit row to myself. I even had (just barely) enough time to get some breakfast before boarding.

She wasn't kidding about the flight being empty. First class was completely full -- I suspect because all of the high-end frequent flyers were able to get upgrades. There may have been fewer people in the main cabin than in first class. And so I had the left side exit row (with a DC power outlet) to myself on the Super 80. When we leveled off, I broke out my computer and got what work I could done. (I should have transfered files on which I had been working back in my office to the laptop; I could have got more done.)

Arriving at SFO a little after 10 AM, I got my bags (and had lunch), then got on BART and rode it around to Oakland Coliseum, then rode AirBART into the terminal. Luck continued to be with me, as the shuttle bus for Economy Parking was pulling in just as I got off AirBART. A few minutes later, I was at my van and on the road. I even was able to call in to the conference call that I'd previously declined, to everyone's surprise.

I guess I should have taken BART to the airport after all; it would have saved time overall.

So I got home about two hours earlier than I expected. But I'm so tired that I'm dizzy, so I think a nap is in order now.
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Conrunner Kevin

The Mask of Kevin

When I fell into bed this afternoon -- I slept for six hours -- I had the presence of mind to put my CPAP machine back together, as poor sleep is almost as bad as no sleep. This is when I discovered that the forehead pad on the mask was gone. It wasn't in the accessory bag or my suitcase, so I reckon it must have fallen off this morning when I was packing. I e-mailed the hotel just in case it didn't get thrown away, but meanwhile I started hunting for a replacement.

You learn not to always take the first result Google gives you. The first result produced a price of $60 for the little gel part. Heck, I could replace the entire mask assembly for only about $100! The next result showed the part for $6 plus $4.50 shipping. I went ahead and ordered it.

I can still use the mask, but it's less comfortable and leaves a mark on my forehead.

Six hours sleep helps catch up on the deficit, but now I need to go pay the interest. Zzzzzz.
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