February 3rd, 2007

Kreegah Bundalo

Creak, Groan

I love my family. I enjoy visiting my grandfather, mother, sister, and nephew up in the Yuba-Sutter area. But I am so glad that I rescheduled my planned trip up there so it was not this weekend. Even after thirteen hours of sleep (in two pieces) last night, I still feel all wrung out. I hope I can pull myself together before Monday.
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Kevin Talking

More Bits & Pieces

While rummaging through my computer bag today, I found that one of the USB keys was missing from the pocket in which it ordinarily lives. I went through the bag and could find it nowhere else. I think it may have fallen out of the bag while I was in Illinois, probably in my hotel room. I've left a message with the hotel's lost-and-found (only open weekdays), and mentioned the loss of the headpiece from my CPAP mask as well. I doubt I'll get either of them back, but it's worth trying.

Fortunately, there was nothing irreplaceable on the key, and it wasn't even a very large one at that.
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