February 7th, 2007

Manga Kevin

Threads That Live Again

One of the things I dislike about LiveJournal is how quickly threads die. I'd love to have a (user definable yes/no) feature that said, "If I ever post a comment on an LJ entry, notify me if another comment is posted to it." Yes, we have the "watch" command, but you have to activate it for every LJ entry. I would like to be able to assume that if I comment something, I'm interested in reading what others have read even if it isn't a direct response to my comment.

Anyway, a thread about Denvention Three's hotel situation has received fresh comments that may interest some of you.
Conrunner Kevin

Spare Parts

And no, I don't mean the web comic by Terrance and Isabel Marks. As I mentioned a few days ago, a piece of my CPAP mask did not return from the Chicago area with me. The hotel says it didn't turn up in the room. I managed to find a company that sells the spare parts and ordered it. To my surprise, the part turned up already in today's mail. Hooray! I can sleep much more comfortably with the headpiece properly braced again.
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