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Kevin Standlee: Fandom Is My Way of Life
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Thursday, February 8th, 2007

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Rugby Brainstorm
I'm going up to Oregon for the weekend and will be out of e-mail contact from about 3 PM Friday through late Sunday evening. Originally I wasn't even going to take my computer, but I came up with an idea that means I'll have to take the machine with me. I have a subscription to MediaZone that includes the Super 14 matches, a couple of which will air tonight my time and thus be available for download tomorrow morning. I can download a match, launch it briefly (you have to do this while connected to the internet in order to establish rights to view it), then set it aside. Then, at the airports and on planes (space available), I can watch the matches.

Although I'm very busy with the project I have here at work, it's not yet so critical that I'll need to fire up the computer for the relatively short time I'm in Oregon this weekend, but I'll use it for entertainment coming and going.

There's no way I can watch all of the S14 matches (and I probably wouldn't want to do so even if I had the time), but I do hate paying for the subscription and not getting some use out of it.

(No, there are no US teams in Super 14. That's just the only rugby-related icon I have.)

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