February 12th, 2007

Kevin and Lisa

Found and Lost

While digging around in my computer pack this weekend in Mehama, I found the USB key that I thought I'd lost in Chicago. It was at the bottom of a compartment in the bag where it should not have been, and I'm still not sure how it managed to move as far as it did, but I'm not complaining. Now what I can't find is the 2 GB USB key that Lisa gave me for Christmas two years ago. I don't use it regularly, so I can't even remember where I was the last time I used it.

One of the things we were supposed to do this past weekend was sign our income tax return. The return was, after all, just sitting in my briefcase. But I forgot about it until I got back to California. Drat. Now I can either wait three weeks -- I'm driving to Oregon March 2-3 -- or go to the trouble of mailing the returns back and forth to Mehama. Sigh.
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Match Game SF

Get Ready to Match the Stars... Again!

According to discussions I had at BASFA tonight, and subject to being able to work out the staging and technical aspects, we appear to be booked to do Match Game SF at BayCon as the Masquerade Half-Time show. This may turn out to be the most challenging venue in which we've ever done the show, on account of having to quickly turn the stage after the end of the run-through without losing the audience and then get the game going. And there are plenty of details, like getting people's names into the drawing to be contestants.

My biggest concern right now is getting new questions. We've run through the deck too many times, so the show is stale if we re-use many questions. I'm okay for tie-breaker and bonus-round matches -- we have lots of them -- but main game questions are all used up.

I would expect to be able to play at most four games during the time we have allowed (and I suppose we could to a "rerun" by using old questions if we somehow needed to fill time), so we need sixteen new questions. I could use you folks' help. Either send them to me in e-mail or as comments here.