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Kevin Standlee: Fandom Is My Way of Life
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Tuesday, February 20th, 2007

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SFSFC Meeting Notice
Although I'm completely snowed under with work, I did manage to get the envelopes and notices printed for the next SFSFC Board Meeting, and will drop them in tonight's mail.

SFSFC's bylaws still require written notice of all meetings, including regular ones. The next meeting is March 17, and the bylaws require that the written notice be mailed by the 25th of the previous month. E-mail doesn't count; it has to be a printed paper notice.

I try really hard to not miss mailing the paper notices on time. I'm told I'm one of the few corporate secretaries who actually bothers. Me, I think it's important that corporations "act corporate," not for its own sake, but in case the corporation gets in trouble. Corporations who fail to act like corporations can find themselves in big trouble. Most of the time they don't, but it's that one time where the stars align wrong that you want to avoid.

(It's like leaving your engine running while fueling your car. With modern vehicles and fueling systems, this isn't nearly as dangerous as it once was, so you can probably get away with it a lot of times. The harm caused by the one time it (literally) explodes, however, justifies obeying the signs and turning off your engine while you fuel the vehicle.)

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