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Kevin Standlee: Fandom Is My Way of Life
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Saturday, March 3rd, 2007

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Wonky Internet Connections
The internet connection in the hotel room went from "slim" to "none" overnight, so I headed down to the hotel's breakfast bar in the hope that it would have a better signal. It would connect, but couldn't pull an IP address. After nearly and hour of fiddling around, I finally managed to get a usable-but-weak connection. This hotel must have put up maybe one WAP, managed to get it to work with a computer sitting right next to it, and decided that counts as usable internet service.

Anyway, today I have fewer deadlines. I don't have to get to Mehama at any specific time, nor do I have a hotel reservation waiting for me, so I have time, now that I'm fed, to have a swim before setting out for the remaining 250 miles of this trip. I also don't plan to engage is so much low-altitude flying, an activity for which a Chevrolet Astro is not really suited. When I stick to 55 MPH, my van gets up to 19 miles per gallon. On this trip, where at times the speedometer was touching the maximum value it can register (80 MPH), the mileage dropped to only 16.5 MPG. There's an obvious trade of time for money.

Current Mood: relaxed

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