March 7th, 2007

Kevin and Lisa

More Typical Oregon Weather

After several days of very nice and fairly sunny weather, the rain has returned. Fortunately, we got the shelter over the trailer repaired yesterday. Lisa said just before storms arrive is a good time to do this kind of work, because it's usually pretty calm, and when you're laying out large plastic sheets on a framework, you don't want any wind at all.

Then Lisa did some work on her large van. While waiting for her to give me something to do -- "hold on to this pry-bar and pull as hard as you can while I tighten the alternator into place" -- I did some pruning of the bushes that always threaten to overcome the trailer. Unfortunately, I attacked a branch that was too thick for these shears and managed to break the wooden handle of the sheers. I was releived that Lisa didn't complain too much about my not knowing my own strength. She says she can fix the sheers, so they're not a write-off.

Am being pretty useful here working from my father-in-law's house, and have been at it since 7 AM, and therefore do not feel at all guilty about knocking off at 3 PM to drive up to Portland for Lisa's appointment.
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