March 23rd, 2007

Kevin Standlee

Souper Duper

One advantage to having to leave work early and not being able to focus closely enough to use the computer for a while thereafter was that I got home and had sufficient time to make a vat pot of pea soup. This takes about two hours or so, and involves a lot of chopping of potatoes, carrots, ham, etc. while the peas sit on the stove stewing away, but the payoff is about six single meals for me, which is good. Besides, I like the soup.

This finally used up the case of Arrowhead Mills split peas I bought a while ago. (To recap: my local Safeway stopped carrying the brand of good quality split peas. I can't find them anywhere else local, so I have to mail order them.) So I've ordered a new case of 12 one-pound bags. Amazon's price was not the cheapest, but included free shipping, which made the total landed cost the best of the lot.
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