March 24th, 2007

Kevin Talking

No Good Excuses

It's a lovely spring day here in the Bay Area. I have nothing scheduled this weekend. None of my requests for information from Gnomeward Bound that I need to finish the PR have been answered, so I can't get any work done on it. The SFSFC board of directors meeting minutes are almost finished, but I can't post things to the web site until Cheryl gets back next week anyway. I can work on installing the replacement hard drive from Dell in the evening, as it doesn't make loud noises to irritate the neighbors like running the vacuum cleaner does. This means there are no excuses to stop me doing spring household cleaning this weekend. I've made a list of things that need doing. They certainly should keep me busy through the weekend. Now I just need to step away from the computer and actually start working on oh-so-fun stuff like cleaning toilets and vacuuming floors.
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