March 25th, 2007

Kevin Standlee

Difficult Part Done

I was surprised at both how long it took me to clean the bathrooms and kitchen and how tired I was after doing so. I have to hope that the exertion was equivalent to my normal weekend walks, because I felt in no state to do a walk after that.

Today is relatively easy by comparison: Tidy up the piles of books and papers (throwing some of the papers away!) and running the vacuum over the carpets is something I think much easier than scrubbing floors and bathroom fixtures.

Those of you who read the comments on my posts may have noticed that an old friend from my college days, with whom I'd accidentally drifted out of contact as he gafiated and I took a different path in fandom, has stumbled across and found me again. I even went back and added a comment to the original "message in a bottle" post (from January 2006) to indicate that it eventually fetched up in the right place.

It does point out, however, that if any of you have my Yahoo! address in your e-address book, you should not rely upon it as a way to reach me with any speed or accuracy. That Y! account is a spam trap, getting hundreds of messages a day, and I almost never read the mail there. Better to use the work e-mail if you have it or the LiveJournal e-mail equivalent of my handle if you don't.
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Whimsical Kevin

Yet Another Hard Drive

With the housecleaning finally done, I installed the replacement hard drive into the laptop in which it will live and started the re-installation process. I've done this so many times now it's almost routine. I wish there was a way to leave it sit all night, but of course it will stop now and then and ask for user input. Oh, well, that's how it goes.

Speaking of hard drives, I started to drive down to the Fremont Hub this afternoon to buy a few things, mostly groceries, and found the place sealed off. I may have mis-heard -- the police officer ordering cars out of the parking lot didn't really have time to explain a lot -- but it appears that there was someone loose in the center brandishing a gun.

I went away from there.
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