March 29th, 2007

Hugo Sign

Hugo Nominations Announced

The Hugo Award Nominations have been announced. Now I can stop being coy when people ask me about them. I have known these for a few days because I was one of those asked to proofread the press release that accompanies them, but of course I had to keep my mouth shut.

I did say at BASFA last Monday that, "Some people will be happy, some will be disappointed, and some will be outraged and demand that the rules be changed or that 'The Committee' withdraw the nominations. But that's because that happens every year!" There's always someone angry about the Hugo nominations and who is convinced that the nomination of a given candidate proves that the system is broken
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Misspelling "You Didn't Nominate What I Wanted"

My standing Google search turned up the first (it probably won't be the last) of the blog postings declaring the Hugo Awards illegitimate because the poster doesn't like the mix of nominees and because those people who did cast ballots didn't nominate a bunch of Japanese works.

I wonder how many people who complain like this actually nominate? Darn few of them, I suspect, even if they happen to be eligible, and the rest certainly don't see any reason they should (*gasp* *shock* *horror*) pay money to vote!