April 3rd, 2007

WSFS Captain 3

More Hugo Nonsense

Because I generally respond to misinformation about the Hugo Awards, I find myself registered for a bunch of systems where I rarely actually post. This causes me a problem when I try to come back to them. My alerts caught this message that (a) mis-characterizes the Hugo voting system and IMO (b) given the timing and context, implies that the nominating votes are weighted in some way. (They are not; your first nomination counts the same as your fifth.)

I tried to sign up, only to find that I was apparently already signed up for that system. I couldn't remember the password. I tried a number of likely passwords, then tried the password recovery system. None of the e-mails I currently have, nor any of those I've used in the past couple of years, seem to work. Now I have a message to the board's administrators, but at best I'll hear back tomorrow. It's frustrating for me, because I prefer to correct these things as soon as I see them.

What bugs me is that Instant Runoff Voting really isn't that difficult. All it does is reproduce how you might vote in an in-person election with a series of revotes when nobody gets a majority. A lot of the "explanations" like the one at which I pointed make things much more complicated than they really are.

By the way, the conclusion the person reached is correct, but not because Hugo voting uses a point system.