April 6th, 2007


Getting Their Money's Worth

This morning, while looking through my travel kit in preparation for packing, I noticed that my small container of shampoo (for use when traveling to places where there is no hotel-supplied shampoo, like the extended-stay hotel where I will be staying during my Chicago trip next week) was low, so I refilled it from the larger supply bottle. I then realized that the small container was one that I'd purchased on a business trip to Novi, Michigan and the larger supply was one that I'd purchased on a business trip to Auburn Hills, Michigan. Thus my company has gotten a lot of mileage out of these items with me.
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Kevin and Lisa

Oregon Bound

Leaving for a train to the airport to a flight to Oregon for the weekend. Although I'm heading to the Pacific Northwest, Lisa and I are not going to Norwescon. I think I'm supposed to be cutting brush this weekend. In any event, I will not have my computer with me and won't be back online until late Sunday night.
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