April 7th, 2007

Kevin and Lisa

Saving My Hands for Chicago

[Composed after returning to California, as I didn't take my computer with me to Oregon.]

The original plan for this weekend was for me to be put to work moving brush around on the property. Lisa's father has engaged some workmen to tear down an old overgrown collapsed shed on his property. Against his instructions (and definitely against Lisa's), they've piled all of the debris into a single pile, instead of separating the burnable stuff (brush, old boards too rotten to salvage) from the unburnable stuff (asphalt shingles, rusty metal fittings), they've piled it all together. Moreover, they piled it under overhanging tree branches, so even if it were safe to burn, we'd risk setting a tree on fire! We have not idea if there is household hazardous waste in the pile, but there is a fair chance that there is, so setting that pile alight is a Really Bad Idea on many grounds. I'm needed to help sort through the pile, hauling the burnable things off to the open part of the field for later disposal. We think that the rest of the debris like the shingles can probably be disposed of without too much trouble later, but not by burning!

Anyway, this plan was literally rained out when it started raining Friday night and into mid-to-late Saturday. Lisa didn't want us doing this work in heavy rain, and I appreciate that. Looks like we'll have to put it off. Late word from her father is that we may wait until as late as this fall before actually getting round to it, because we don't want to do any burning on the property when the grass is dried out, as it is apt to be in midsummer.

This, unfortunately, is one of the problems of getting casual worker and flaky neighbors to do this sort of work. You don't have much recourse if they screw it up. But I'm not disappointed at being spared the prospect of getting injured from rusty nails and whatnot just before an important business trip.