April 12th, 2007

Whimsical Kevin

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Cheryl went into Chicago yesterday and saw this menu at lunch. She noted that they had "Fried Rhode Island Calamari" and I understand that fluffcthulhu has been advised of this and may be prompted to take appropriate action.
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Walking the Walk

This morning, an hour after breakfast (a bagel), I took a blood sugar test and was horrified at getting a 208 reading. (Target is 80-120.) We were too busy working for me to go exercise, and besides, it was snowing outside and I was wearing my wing-tips, which aren't good for walking in slick conditions. By lunch time, however, the snow had gone and the sidewalks were mostly clear, so I took a walk up the street and back around the building in which our office in Aurora is located, good for a shade over 2 km. Blood sugar an hour later: 95.